Friday, February 16, 2018

Week of February 19th-23rd

Spelling Homework

Spelling Pattern = Vowel + /r/ sounds

Choose 3-4 activities from your Spelling Cafe to help you study for your Friday graded test!

Math Homework
Mon. EDM Lesson 6.9 Number Stories and Number Sentences
Tues. EDM Lesson 6.10 Order of Operations
Wed. EDM Lesson 6.11 Solving a Number Story
Thurs. EDM Lesson 6.12 Write a Number Story to fit a Number Sentence

Social Studies
Ellis Island here we come!
We expect to arrive at Ellis Island on Thursday, Feb. 22nd!
Our class will be processed through the stations at around 10:00 am!
Thanks for volunteering or sending in food for this amazing event!
Remember to bring your costume to school so you can change into your immigrant clothes!
Girls                                                          Boys
Long skirt and blouse                              Dark/Tan pants
Long dress                                               Knickers
Shawl                                                           Knee socks
Bonnet/bandana/kerchief                           Plain boots or shoes
Apron                                                           Plain shirts
Plain boots or shoes                                     Hats/Brimmed caps
Basket/rucksack/satchel                              Basket/rucksack/satchel

There is a great interactive tour at the website called: www.scholastic.comellisisland for you to look through to get other ideas!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Week of February 12th-16th

Spelling Homework
Pattern = Review of Contractions
Contractions are a combination of two words that use an apostrophe to signal missing letters.
For example- wouldn't  = would not

Math Homework
Mon.  EDM Lesson 6.5 Solving Geometry Problems
Tues. EDM Lesson 6.6 Multiplication/Division Diagrams
Wed. EDM   Parentheses Puzzles (hint=think how you keep score in basketball)
Thurs. EDM Play a game called  Multiplication Top - It to help you practice your x facts

Our Valentine's Day Party is on Wednesday, February 14th from 1:15-1:45pm in our classroom!
Please be mindful that there are various food allergies in our class!
Simple valentines are just perfect for our celebration!
Use your class photo to find the spellings of the names of your classmates! Or here is the list!


Social Studies - European Immigration
We are  exploring the lives of various immigrants that traveled from Europe to America to better their lives.
The students picked new names and families from a country in Europe.
They chose a port and steamer that will take them to America.
In school we are learning about the various reasons for immigrating to America, the hardships that the people endured, the life in steerage, seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time, and the stations at Ellis Island.
We will have our culminating event in the LSS Cafe on February 22nd from 9:00-11:00 am where the students will dress up and pretend that they are actually being processed through Ellis Island.

Parent volunteers are welcome to this most memorable activity. We are looking for volunteers for inspectors, officials, doctors, and snack bar workers.

If you can't make the actual event to volunteer, we would greatly appreciate a donation of a food item such as: a gallon of whole milk, a jar of strawberry jam, a block of cheese, a gallon of water, or a bunch of bananas or a bag of oranges. Many thanks!

Our class will arrive at Ellis Island at approximately 10:00 am!
If you are volunteering and would like to see how each station is run, please come earlier as other classes work their way through the stations!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcome 3rd Graders!

Come on down to explore your new grade 3 classroom at Lincoln Street School- Room # 128!

You may even meet some of your new classmates!

Here are a few school supplies that will make your learning fun and exciting throughout the year!

-4 two pocket folders labeled with your first and last name
-24 #2 pencils, Dixon Ticonderoga, labeled with your initials
-2 highlighters
-2 black sharpies
-1 white board eraser
-4 white board markers, various colors
-1 box of colored pencils
-1 pencil sharpener
-1 pair of scissors labeled with your name
-4 glue sticks
-1 pencil case/box labeled with your name to hold all your supplies
-2 boxes of tissues
-2 containers of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
-one set of headphones or earbuds in a labeled ziploc bag for computer use

No worries if you can't make the "Meet and Greet" on Friday, August 25th from
I will see you on the playground on the first day of school!