Friday, November 17, 2017

Week of November 20th-22nd

Happy Thanksgiving!

No Spelling or Math homework this week!

You may complete a few lessons in Typing Pal and Dreambox if you have the time!

You may explore the articles in the Scholastic News, GeoSpin, or ScienceSpin if you'd like to keep reading!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week of November 13th-17th

Spelling Homework Lesson 9
Pattern = Vowel Sounds - ow or ou
Choose 4 activities from the Spelling Cafe to help you study your new words for Friday's graded test!

Math Homework
Mon.  EDM 3.8 Interpreting a  Picture Graph
Tues.  EDM 3.9 Multiplication Squares
Wed.  EDM 3.10 The Turn-Around Rule for Multiplication
Thurs. EDM 3.11 Adding a Group

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcome 3rd Graders!

Come on down to explore your new grade 3 classroom at Lincoln Street School- Room # 128!

You may even meet some of your new classmates!

Here are a few school supplies that will make your learning fun and exciting throughout the year!

-4 two pocket folders labeled with your first and last name
-24 #2 pencils, Dixon Ticonderoga, labeled with your initials
-2 highlighters
-2 black sharpies
-1 white board eraser
-4 white board markers, various colors
-1 box of colored pencils
-1 pencil sharpener
-1 pair of scissors labeled with your name
-4 glue sticks
-1 pencil case/box labeled with your name to hold all your supplies
-2 boxes of tissues
-2 containers of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
-one set of headphones or earbuds in a labeled ziploc bag for computer use

No worries if you can't make the "Meet and Greet" on Friday, August 25th from
I will see you on the playground on the first day of school!